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Barbara's Journal

Jul. 30th, 2015

08:54 am

Last night was the first "brutal" night for sleeping. It rose into the 90's yeaterday and all the heat seemed to collect in our bedroom. Up till now, we'd been okay with just a fan to keep us cool, but I think Hubby will have to put the AC in the window. Thing is, it's DARN HEAVY and he will probably need help to get it up there. I have nightmares that it falls out while he's trying to place it and WORSE ones that it falls on him!!

Jul. 29th, 2015

08:28 pm

Really hot day,today, up in the 90's. Thank goodness it wasn't especially humid!

11:26 am

Hooray!! I went to the High School and worked with the NICEST lady! She's done all the paperwork, all I have to do is sign it and mail it and my retirement fund will be sent to me in a nice check!! YAY!!

Jul. 28th, 2015

05:48 pm

Just got a call from my retirement fund people. They are almost as frustrated as I am!! They called the people in Dedham and were told I'm still an employee!! Even though I haven't worked (or been called to work) since around 1998!!! So now,apparently, my next move is to go to the people in charge and quit!! RIDICULOUS!!

02:47 pm

It''s up in the high 80's now. AC is on and doing a good job. I took two brief walks this AM while it was still reasonable out. I'm doing laundry, partly for the "up and down stairs" exercise.

10:19 am

so far, so good. We are still in the high 70's at 10 AM and it doesn't feel humid (yet).There is sun but lots of clouds,too. Hubby and son are both at work. Nanny family is still away. Yesterday I filled a large empty Coke bottle with water and drove up to water the plants. They are all still doing well. I've finished my J.A.Jance novel, Cold Betrayal. I may try to get to the library today to returm this one and borrow another. I'm listening to my "all Beatles" channel and playing on the computer. I have the dishes from yesterday in the dishwasher (I only run it every other day, sometimes every third, because I can't see running it half full). I am unhappy with my weight but haven't made a 'plan' yet. I think it will have to mean dropping my ice cream at night and that will be hard. Maybe I'll try 'every other' night first and see if it helps. I don't think being out of work has helped,either, as a lot of stair climbing (Down to the basement to run the washer,down again to change to the dryer, up to the second floor to put it away,etc.) is missing from my daily activity. I walk around the block occasionally but still hesitate to go far from home alone (dog issue still bothers me).

Jul. 27th, 2015

02:17 pm

Quiet day. Hubby's watching another installment of a long movie (sword fights, princesses escaping enemies, clashing armies; not my cup of tea) so I'm alternately reading a somewhat depressing fiction about a 'cult' where the male leader makes sure there are lots of little babies and ships underage girls to unknown places for nefarious purposes, and LJ and games of solitaire. I'm also catching up on dishes and laundry. Just a thrill a minute.

Jul. 26th, 2015

02:02 pm

Another old song, sung occasionally by my Dad, popped into my brain this morning;

It was a lucky April shower
It was the most convenient door,
I found a million dollar baby
in a five and ten cent store.

The rain continued for an hour
I hung around for three or four
Around a million dollar baby
In a five and ten cent store.

She was selling china,
and when she made those eyes,
I kept buying china
until the crowd got wise.

and incidentally,

If you should run into a shower,
just step inside my cottage door,
and meet the million dollar baby
from the five and ten cent store!

01:48 pm

Another weekend. Weather is mild; not too hot, no rain,white skies. We food shopped again yesterday, even though we didn't need much (Son LOVES to shop!) I checked at the bank, but my retirement fund has not shown up yet. I'll check again later in the week, then call again.

Last night we had home-made pizza! Hubby made the dough and shaped it on a big cookie sheet. Son and I spread sauce and laid out onion, peppers, meat and then LOTS of cheese!!It was SO YUMMY!!

Today is laid back. Hubby is watching yet another car race. Son is making plans and reservations for a convention he goes to every Summer down in Georgia! He left it rather late, but is making good progress.

I'm reading a good book, another mystery, set in Canada, by a favorite author, Louise Penny. The protagonist is Chief Inspector Gamache. Though he works in a big city, part of 'his patch' is the little village of Three Pines. The characters are what you might find in an isolated village; a microcosm of life. This particular one is a little different, as the inspector is retired now. Still, he helps his friends in the village pursue a missing artist and friend.

Jul. 25th, 2015

12:54 pm

A friend just posted some clips of "Cordelia" from the Buffy the Vampire-slayer series.

The type of woman I love to hate! "vapid" and "Air-head" and "self-centered" all spring to mind. Thank goodness, in real life (all girl schools from grade 7 to 12!!) I have only met a few. The thing about them is they are so unaware, that they think themselves superior when they are clueless!! They looked down on me because I wore hand-me-downs (one of six kids), didn't have my hair styled in a salon, and didn't buy and wear the latest fashions!! Yet I had a great singing voice,acting skills,art skills, high IQ, and millions of friends! They had the best and latest fashions and all the 'material' things.

One such girl sat next to me in homeroom all 4 yrs. of high school. One day(trying, one supposes, to be 'helpful') she said "You have such a pretty face. You should buy some better clothes and fix your hair." I responded "I'm one of six kids. I wear what my parents can afford." The look on her face told me she'd never considered that someone didn't have the $$ to follow every fashion that came down the pike. "Hand-me-downs" from cousins was the source of most of my clothes. A new outfit for back-to-school, a new skirt and sweater for Xmas and possibly a dress and/or coat for Easter was what I wore.

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